Arabs and Jews together against the occupation – In conversation with an Israeli communist

16. Dezember 2020 - 12:30 | | Politik | 0 Kommentare
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The Israeli political landscape seems to shift more and more to the right. With an endlessly ongoing occupation of the Palestinian Territories and treatment of Israeli Palestinians as second-class citizens progressive approaches from the left may be more important than ever, both from political parties and the extraparliamentary opposition.

In order to unravel Israeli politics and look for a way forward we talked to a communist Israeli activist.[i]

Die Freiheitsliebe: The famous Israeli veteran columnist Gideon Levy wrote in January 2019, “In Israel, There’s No Left. There’s Only a Right in Different Forms”. Levy argues that all parties are mere iterations or split-offs of Likud and that the left parties are either insignificantly small (Meretz) or highly ostracized and thus isolated (Joint List). Is Levy right in his assessment?

To completely write off Levy’s critique would be dishonest, but I think Levy does recognize an Israeli left exists as he himself is an Israeli leftist.

The Israeli left is both a disadvantage (which Levy reflects on in the aforementioned article) and a great advantage. As the opposition to Prime Minister Netanyahu grows, we have a large number of dissatisfied Israelis looking for a direction.

We, as activists, as opponents of the occupation and proponents of peace, as a truly left wing must reach these people and rally them under common ideas. While some participants of the protests against Netanyahu focus solely on his resignation, a growing number of activists are pushing radical plans for the day after Netanyahu is gone. Activists of Hadash, Zazim, All That’s Left, Free Jerusalem, „The Anti-Occupation Block“ (Gush Neged Hakibush) and others form a leftist faction within the recent protests with slogans demanding justice for the Palestinian Eyad Al-Hallaq who was murdered by police, as well as „democracy for all“ (not just the [Ashkenazi] Jews) and an end to the occupation of Palestine. We haven’t rallied the entire country to the left yet, that’s true. But truly leftist Israelis are represented both by the Joint List in Parliament and by its parties and other organizations on the streets.