Interview with the pianist of the Taksim square, Davide Martello

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 14 hours playing the piano for peace and freedom

Taksim square kept peaceful the last nights – for a specific reason.  The sicilian-german pianist Davide Martello played one more time for thousands of exhausted protesters in the middle of the Taksim square – the whole night from 9 pm till 11 in the morning. Martellos balmy sound of the piano replaced the usual violent noises of the clashes and the din of battle, consisting of rough watercannons and shots. Around him the protest movement of Istanbul gathered together as well as policemen. Together they experienced a rare time of peace, enabled by the power of music.


We talked to Davide on the telephone just after the concert night.


Nora: Where are you now in Istanbul and how long do you plan to stay?


Davide Martello: I am now at a friend of mine in Istanbul and I seriously don’t know how long i will stay here. It also depends of the situation here, if itll stay peaceful.


N: How are you welcomed and what are the people’s reactions to what you give?


D: The people are so so much delighted that I am here. Because in the time I am here there are no riots and therefore I played the whole night. Riots were announced and were signalized but in these nights and the morning the riots are absent.


N: Which state of mind of the protesters do you consider?


D: The people are full of hope!


N: Do you feel a peaceful solidarity or some kind of love among the people?


D: Yes, so much. This solidarity is indescribeable. It is beyond words. The people hear the music – not just the protesters, but also the policemens- and this is touching everybody. This has an impact with no doubt. Protesters and policeman listen to the music together. Peacefully.


N: What do you feel during your concerts at Taksim square?


D: I celebrate it! To make music is no work to me, it is like a hobby to me. What music can do – at the square and everywhere – it’s  just unbelieveable.


N: What are the people telling you?


D: The best hope is, that this brute force comes to an end, that the police will not attack the protesters anymore. That it’ll be peaceful again. I cannot really say something about the politics.  People are just so glad that I am here. They see how they stand together with policemen and it stays peaceful. There are no attacks, no stone‘ s throwing, nothing, this is mind-blowing. Two days ago here were heavy riots and brutality.                                                                                                                                                                People thank me, because during the concerts they find peace.



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